Full Site July 2017

750 Group and Hoffman & Co. are now Offset.

One company, two locations, three areas of focus: identity, content, and commerce.

The origin story of Offset is rooted in a serendipitous collaboration. A respected wine resource had proposed an ambitious new project — to develop and produce an intelligent but approachable new website that would appeal to a growing legion of sophisticated online buyers and streamline the sales process to meet the unique needs of the industry.

In 2011 Byron Hoffman was confident in his ability to create a compelling identity and bring it to life on and off the screen but had no in-house development team and little working knowledge of online commerce. 750 Group had a healthy dose of design know how, and the coding chops required to tackle the operational needs but little experience with branding and no bandwidth to absorb the extensive demands of such a comprehensive project.

Together, however, they met the requirements.

It was an unorthodox pairing, but inspired by the client’s passion and knowledge of the industry; and excited by the prospect of creating something from the ground up the two companies banded together to build Last Bottle. It was (and remains) a resounding success.

Fast forward four years. Hoffman & Co. continued to pursue both traditional and digital design projects. 750 Group had expanded their custom development offerings and successfully evolved the 750 Commerce software platform. Both companies are independently successful, but they work together regularly and the projects that most excite them are the ones they produce in tandem.

In 2015, when approached by Kosta Browne, Hoffman & Co. and 750 Group embark on their most ambitious collaboration to date, building a content-rich online presence for the esteemed producer including a highly customized offer system. During the year long project it becomes apparent that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The principals of both companies quietly begin to explore the process of formalizing their longstanding partnership in the form of a new entity — a creative studio known for its investment in deep understanding, its belief in meaningful client partnerships and its ability to deliver work that is both functional and beautiful.

With a focus on identity, content, and commerce, we are pleased to introduce Offset.